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Jan. 29th, 2007

spock, sexy


Black Jack episodes 5 and 6

Ugh, the beginning of this semester has been unexpectedly crazy, so sorry about the delay. There's only two more posts after this one, so hopefully I can get those done before too long.

Hope you guys are enjoying these! More medical action and tons of screencaps behind the cut. These were tough, especially episode 5, which is full of cute so I had to restrain myself from posting caps of things like Black Jack brushing his teeth. XP

Episode 05 - Hallucinations, spontaneous bleeding and adorableness! Er..Collapse )

Episode 06 - Black Jack and...samurai?Collapse )

I'm probably going to stop doing the episode downloads from now. Between the summaries and the previously uploaded episodes, I think y'all can probably get an idea of whether you like it or not. They're all available on DVD, and the price is pretty reasonable. And since it's all episodic, there's no cliffhangers if I leave you guys after the last post.

Jan. 8th, 2007

Stay Together


RECAP: Fushigi Yuugi episodes 7-10!

Here it is! Episodes 7-10 of Fushigi Yuugi, with some extra songs and images in the goodies section. I apologize for the lack of screencaps in this recap. I have no DVD burner, and thus no access to easy capping software. I've had to make do with what I had on my hard drive and what I've gleaned from the net over 7 years of FY fandom. Hopefully the goodies and summaries will make up for it. XD

In this part, Chichiri appears, saving Miaka from certain death about two or three times while Miaka is her usual clueless self. Also we get to see Keisuke, Miaka's brother, in action, and we witness the first appearance of everyone's favorite villain, Nakago.

CharactersCollapse )
Episode Seven: I Want To Go Home...Collapse )
Episode Eight: I Want To See You...Collapse )
Episode Nine: Invisible EnemiesCollapse )
Episode Ten: Captured GirlCollapse )
GoodiesCollapse )
Stay Together


[admin] next signup date

Both Tin and I totally forgot to post signups for January, and we have more than enough ongoing series at the moment, anyway. So the next set of recap signsup are going to be for FEBRUARY 2007, and that sign up list will be up on the 15th.

Sorry about that, and again thanks to all the wonderful people who are doing recaps!


[recap] JoJo's Bizarre Adventure OVA, eps 6-7

Dear mod: I know this is totally late, so if you want, you can remove it. I admit I'm a bad person. -_- There are 6 eps remaining, which I've started on, but clearly I am busier than I thought so I won't lie and say I know when they'll be done. If you want, I'll either finish them and just post links when they're all done, or not post them here at all, or post them normally. Lemme know. I'm sorry! Argh. ^^;;

I know, I suck. Even before New Years, which I spent being humourously drunk and acting brainless, I was forced to socialize and stuff for days!! It's as if my friends wanted to hang out with me in person or something!! However, don't ask me what I was doing this entire last week. I really don't know. Seriously. What the fuck WAS I doing?! I'm sorry I didn't finish these earlier, I have no excuse.

Anyhow, here we are with eps 6&7 of the Jojo OVA! This marks the end of the "new" OVA series (animated in 2001). MOAR SPOILERS ENSUE. Seiyuu list once more, if you need it. Also beware about 70 screencaps under the cuts.

Episode 6: JUSTICE!!!1 OR SOMETHING!!! Also: EWWWWWCollapse )

Episode 7: Will Justice Prevail?! Also: GAY.Collapse )

Wanna avoid spoilers? Get yer hot fresh eps right here!Collapse )

Okay, doing some fic/art stuff tonight, and then tomorrow I'll start eps 8-9! We'll see how long they take. >_>; Crossposted to hail2jojo.

Later. "Let me occupy your mind, as you do mine..."

Dec. 27th, 2006

spock, sexy


Black Jack episodes 3 and 4

Next two episodes!

Episode downloads are a bit behind, but I wanted to get the recaps up. Check back later for the episode links.

Episode 3 - Politics! Guns! Thinly veiled negative renditions of the United States!Collapse )

Episode 4 - Mostly unclothed Black Jack and dying movie stars! Also, OMG KIRIKO!Collapse )

Episodes are up.

Get 'em hereCollapse )

Dec. 24th, 2006

!boggie, not a smurf either, kurt


Black Jack OVA intro and episodes 1-2

[Hey guys, sorry this is so late starting. I got busier over break than I thought I would, and then I had some delays in getting everything that I needed together. Anyway, here's the first entry and the others shouldn't take long in following. I hope it's okay if I still post these.]

This is one of those OVA series that assumes the audience is already familiar with the characters and basic plot setup, and thus gives basically no introduction or back story. Since many American fans don't have that familiarity, I'm going to include some information about Black Jack's creator as well as lots of extra information about the main characters and their back story. I'll probably only need to add all this extra stuff here in the first post, the rest should just be basic recaps.

Osamu Tezuka and Black JackCollapse )
Our main charactersCollapse )

Given Black Jack's popularity, it's no surprise that it has been adapted more than once into animated form.

This 10 episode OVA series, along with a movie, was released beginning in 1993. It was made by director Osamu Dezaki—legendary director of anime such as Rose of Versailles, Ace wo Nerae, Ashita no Joe, Oniisama E and Space Adventure Cobra—and character designer Akio Sugino, who worked with Dezaki on many projects. While it is based on Tezuka's original manga, the character designs are recognizably Sugino's (though not totally redesigned) and the feel of the show is much more like Dezaki's trademark style than Tezuka's, leading some Tezuka fans to dislike this adaptation as not being close enough to the source material.

All 10 episodes are available on DVD from CPM in two box sets. You can get each set from Deep Discount DVD for under $30 (with free shipping) and the first set gets a price cut on January 30th to around $30 retail, meaning it'll be even cheaper on Deep Discount then. Some of the episodes come with audio commentary from the director, Osamu Dezaki.

But since I myself wouldn't buy something I hadn't seen at least part of, I'll put up episodes along with these summaries. Uploads are sub only. Scroll down to the episodes cut for the files.

Each episode is about 49 minutes long, and I'll be including plenty of screencaps, so these'll be a bit long. Here we go!

Episode OneCollapse )
Episode TwoCollapse )

Episode downloadsCollapse )

Dec. 13th, 2006

zel/amelia // one true love


Slayers TV (ep. 1 & 2)

Slayers is a fantasy comedy to end all fantasy comedies. It all started the novel series by Kanzaka Hajime (the first 6 volumes are available in English from TokyoPop), which ended up being 18 volumes long. Since then, it's spawned three animated TV series, a slew of OAVs and Movies, and several different manga timelines.

The first TV series takes place when Lina Inverse, the notorious sorceress and bandit killer, is just sixteen. It is split up in two parts (arguably three, because there is a section of fillers), and is 26 episodes long. The first half, dubbed the Rezo Arc, focuses mainly on Lina and her pseudo-bodyguard, Gourry Gabriev (who has yogurt for brains), as they head towards Atlas City. Unfortunately, a world of trouble finds them because Lina stole an "item" from some very powerful people. The two don't know who to trust and who is actually their enemy when foe turns to friend and friend turns to foe.

Episode 1Collapse )

Episode 2Collapse )

Dec. 9th, 2006

Stay Together


RECAP: Fushigi Yuugi episodes 3-6!

Here be episodes 3-6 of Fushigi Yuugi. Nuriko first appears in these, and the troupe heads to Taiitsu-kun's mountain. I'll be doing this in chunks of 4 episodes from now on, to save a bit of time. We've got some more songs and also fun FY links at the end for general FY series and the first three Suzaku seishi. I couldn't find any Miaka sites - FY is such an old series that all of them seem to be dead. Oh well! Enjoy!

CharactersCollapse )
Episode Three: The Suzaku Shichi SeishiCollapse )
Episode Four: Conflicting FeelingsCollapse )
Episode Five: Heartbeats AdriftCollapse )
Episode Six: Even If I Give My Life...Collapse )
GoodiesCollapse )

Dec. 6th, 2006

Stay Together


RECAP: Fushigi Yuugi (The Mysterious Play)

Fushigi Yuugi (FY) is the story of two girls from our world who are sucked into another world through a mysterious book known as "The Four Gods Sky and Earth" and become heroine and villain(ess?) of a supernatural power struggle between two of the gods of that other world. It is widely hailed as one of the most influential shoujo series of the 1990s, and there are few anime fans who have not seen at least one or two episodes of it. Most fans were introduced to FY through another big shoujo hit, Sailor Moon.

FY is known first and foremost as a love story between the two main protagonists, Yuuki Miaka and her seishi Tamahome. For those not a fan of the incessant TAMAHOME!!!!! MIAKA!!!!!! ness, however, there ARE other character relationships and even some fighting action to make the series sufficiently interesting, likeable, and yes, even classic. Some of the themes, such as rape and violent death, touched upon by FY are not appropriate for younger girls, thus making it a good "bridge" anime between the childrens' shoujo series and more adult anime (such as Versailles no Bara, Utena, etc).

The original FY series was a manga by Watase Yuu, licensed in Japan by Studio Pierrot, and broadcasted by TV Tokyo from April 1995 to March 1996. The TV series has 52 episodes, which were followed by 2 OVAs and then another animated OVA unfortunately >:D based on one of the FY novels, Eikou Den. FY was licensed in the United States by Geneon and released in 2 box sets.

This series was my absolute favorite series for the longest time, and it still is one of my all time favorite stories in the world. I'm not a shoujo fan by any means, but FY was my first anime, and you know how that is. I wrote fanfiction for four years for FY like there was no tomorrow (and still do, on occasion). I'll warn you first upfront that I am no Suzaku fan, and all my love and firstborn children are given to the villains of the Seiryuu side. I'll try to be *ahem* fair to both sides in this recap, however.

On to the story!!

charactersCollapse )
Episode One: The Girl From The LegendCollapse )
Episode Two: Suzaku no MikoCollapse )
GoodiesCollapse )

Nov. 26th, 2006

hope for the future


Project ARMS episodes 47-52

Since this is the last installment of the recap, I decided to provide it with twice as many screenshots. Just thought your connection should know.

Episodes 47-52.
The world we came fromCollapse )

CastCollapse )

NotesCollapse )

LinksCollapse )

This is the end of my Project ARMS recap. Thank you very much to the mods for setting up this community, and to everybody who has read and commented - hope you had as much fun as I have.

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