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Welcome to anime_reboot, a community featuring fan recaps of completed anime and manga series.

1. Fushigi Yuugi (darcenciel)
2. Black Jack OAVs (kylandra)
3. Slayers (1st Season) (yawmin)

The concept for this project came about after memlu's brilliant post recapping Gundam Wing. darcenciel and team7, being hoary old anime fans rocking away on the porch (or wherever it is old sk00l otaku go to reminisce and cackle toothlessly about Astroboy or Candy Candy--Egroups? RAAC?), decided that it might be a good idea to extend the recap to include Japan's entire anime and manga industry. Approximately speaking.

anime_reboot is an open fandom project, which means that people are always free to contribute their recaps. A few guidelines:

01. Only completed anime and manga series can be recapped. (In darcenciel's words: "Cause....it ain't much of a recap if someone wants to do the Death Note anime which only has a grand total of 1 ep out at the moment, I believe?")

02. Only completed manga series which run to five volumes or more can be recapped.

03. OAVs may be recapped.

04. At the moment, we have FOUR sign-up slots in a month, which means that only four series will be featured in anime_reboot every month. However:

a) Recappers are free to decide on their schedule for posting their recaps. They may do it daily, weekly, or just whenever they feel particularly happy with the world.

b) That being said, anime series which only have one season (i.e., with 26 episodes or less) or manga series which run up to five volumes or less must be recapped within the space of a month.

c) Recaps of anime series longer than 26 episodes/manga with more than five volumes may extend to two (or more) months, depending on the length of the series in question. Let's talk about it during sign-up sessions.

d) More than one person may choose to sign up to recap a particular anime or manga, that is, share the workload with other fans, if they're willing.

e) You can host your recap in your own journal. Just link to the recap posts in the community for archiving.

05. General requirements for a recap:

a) Please provide a general summary of your chosen series at the beginning of your recap.

b) You must provide episode or chapter summaries. We're not setting word limits on summaries and you may choose to integrate several episodes or story arcs into one post, but summaries are essential.

c) It will be ideal if you can provide episode or chapter downloads as you recap your series, but it's not required. However, please post captions or images to illustrate key points in your recap.

d) Links to fan sites, fan listings and fandom archives at the end of a recap are suggested.

06. If you have any questions, please post to the FAQ thread.